Problem with the threadsafe programm.

Jonathan Lennox lennox at
Tue Jul 10 14:17:15 UTC 2001

On Tuesday, July 10 2001, "abdelaziz boushabi" wrote to "tz at" saying:

> Hello,
>             I am doing a work experience at Opteway and I am following
> your work
> about time zone. I am also working about the threadsafe version and I
> noticed some problems.
>     The problem :
>             when I use the "tz_prep" function of the library "libtz.a",
> it indicates me an error.
> This function works correctly on Linux but doesn't work neither on SunOS
> nor on Tru64.
>     Thank you for your attention.

You have to make sure that TZDIR in tzfile.h is pointed at a directory that
actually contains your zoneinfo files.  You can either configure it to use
the system zoneinfo files, if they exist and you trust them to be reasonably
up-to-date, or you can compile the current tzdata files and point TZDIR at
the directory where you installed them.

If this isn't the problem you're running into, let me know...

I've tested the code on Solaris and FreeBSD.

Jonathan Lennox
lennox at

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