Problem with the threadsafe programm.

abdelaziz boushabi aboushabi at
Tue Jul 10 14:33:58 UTC 2001

Jonathan Lennox wrote:

> On Tuesday, July 10 2001, "abdelaziz boushabi" wrote to "tz at" saying:
> > Hello,
> >             I am doing a work experience at Opteway and I am following
> > your work
> > about time zone. I am also working about the threadsafe version and I
> > noticed some problems.
> >
> >     The problem :
> >             when I use the "tz_prep" function of the library "libtz.a",
> > it indicates me an error.
> > This function works correctly on Linux but doesn't work neither on SunOS
> > nor on Tru64.
> >
> >     Thank you for your attention.
> You have to make sure that TZDIR in tzfile.h is pointed at a directory that
> actually contains your zoneinfo files.  You can either configure it to use
> the system zoneinfo files, if they exist and you trust them to be reasonably
> up-to-date, or you can compile the current tzdata files and point TZDIR at
> the directory where you installed them.
> If this isn't the problem you're running into, let me know...
> I've tested the code on Solaris and FreeBSD.
> --
> Jonathan Lennox
> lennox at

In fact, the mistake was that the variable TZ was set to CET on SunOS, that's why it
didn't work correctly. In order to avoid this mistake, I unset the variable TZ.
If someone have some comment about this, let me know.

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