Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Fri May 4 10:41:37 UTC 2001

Thanks for sharing your list with the tz mailing list.

In return, I'll add to your data by noting that CST can
also be "Central Summer Time" (Australian) +1030, and that
EST can be "Eastern Summer Time" (Australian) +1100 (if you
look closely, you'll find those in the tz database)
That list is certainly interesting, I'm from Melbourne, Australia,
and I can't even begin to imaging what LIGT is supposed to

If nothing else though, your list will certainly quieten those who
believe that if a few changes are made to the list of abbreviations
in the data base will make them all unique, so that people can take
an abbreviation and from that determine the offset.   The huge number
of ambiguities in your list (same abbreviation, different offset)
ends that forever I hope.


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