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Oscar van Vlijmen o.van.vlijmen at
Mon Sep 24 21:41:53 UTC 2001

> How about if we make the following change for now?
> CN    +3114+12128    Asia/Shanghai    most locations
> CN    +4545+12641    Asia/Harbin    Heilongjiang
> CN    +2934+10635    Asia/Chungking    China mountains
> CN    +4348+08735    Asia/Urumqi    Tibet & most of Xinjiang
> CN    +3929+07559    Asia/Kashgar    Eastern Turkestan

I would suggest:

CN    +3114+12128    Asia/Beijing    most eastern locations
CN    +4545+12641    Asia/Harbin    Heilongjiang (north-east)
CN    +2934+10635    Asia/Chongqing    Chongqing - central China
CN    +4348+08735    Asia/Urumqi    Tibet and most of Xinjiang
CN    +3929+07559    Asia/Kashgar    Western Xinjiang (Kashi, Kaxgar)

Why not using the correct Chongqing? At the same time you use the correct
(pinyin) Beijing, Heilongjian and Xinjiang, and not some 19th century
transliteration (Chungking)!!
Kashi is the Chinese-Latin 'spelling', Kaxgar a local Latin spelling and
Kashgar a bit old-fashioned (19th century).

Turkestan is a mountain range in Tajikistan and also a place in Kazakhstan -
says the Times atlas; has nowadays nothing to do with China.
I have a German atlas from 1894, which indeed shows that 'Kaschgar' lies in
'Ost Turkestan', but it can be advised to use a designation one could find
in a modern atlas.

If I'm well informed, Urumqi has two front-vowels, according to the
'perceived' pronunciation, hence the current spelling Ürümqi, but I suspect
this is a bit problematic in the 7-bits Posix world. No problemo. Ah! Where
are the days one wrote Oeroemtsji or Wulumuqi?


Oscar van Vlijmen

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