Corrections of for CN entries

Paul Eggert eggert at
Tue Sep 25 17:26:21 UTC 2001

> Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:16:13 +0200
> From: Oscar van Vlijmen <o.van.vlijmen at>
> The same can be said for Viet Nam: Saigon is larger, but capital Ha Noi
> would be a more logical choice.

I'd rather stick to the simpler and less-political rule.
Admittedly politics cannot be excluded entirely.

> Johannesburg has fewer inhabitants (712507) than 'winner' Pretoria
> (854616), but Pretoria has not been chosen for the tz-database.

But Johannesburg's metropolitan-area population is considerably larger
than Pretoria's.  I'm not so much worried about the municipal city
limits, as by how important the center of population is.


Yes, that's a good source, albeit a partisan one.

I'll know that pinyin has finally taken over when we English-speakers
normally call the capital of Taiwan "Taibei".  (:-)  But I suppose I
should add "Taibei" and "T'ai-pei" in the comments for Asia/Taipei.

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