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If you start with 2 and would like to arrive at 5, you'll have to add 3.
This is a solid rule with no exceptions.
Choosing the best city representing a region is according to the tz-Theory
file a process governed by a solid rule, but it looks really silly if there
is in a China database-part no reference to Beijing. Choosing Shanghai
because it happens to have a larger population than Beijing is following the
rules far too strictly.

The same can be said for Viet Nam: Saigon is larger, but capital Ha Noi
would be a more logical choice.
Yes I know, we discussed this already from 2000-09-26 to 2000-10-05.

But, look at this example. Africa tz-file. South Africa: Cape Town is the
legislative capital, Bloemfontein is the judicial capital, Pretoria is the
administrative capital. Guess what? The tz-database has Johannesburg as
representative city. Why? According to the UN Population Count website
( Johannesburg has fewer
inhabitants (712507) than 'winner' Pretoria (854616), but Pretoria has not
been chosen for the tz-database.
So there exists an exception from the solid Theory-file rules. Why not
Beijing and Ha Noi as other useful exceptions?

"Eastern Turkistan (Turkestan), Uyghuristan, Uyghuria, Chinese Turkistan,
Xinjiang, Sinkiang, Uyghur Autonomous Region."
- Whatever.
(WWW Virtual Library for Eastern Turkestan.)

Beijing time, China time.
I get the impression that 'Beijing time' is used by Chinese sites with an
English section, whereas 'China time' is used by some American sites.

For those who are interested: a nice overview of the pinyin & tongyong
(amongst others) romanizations:


Oscar van Vlijmen

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