epochs and the gregorian reform

Andrew Brown atatat at atatdot.net
Tue Jul 29 04:19:40 UTC 2003

while it's not strictly related, i've often found myself wondering if
adding the date of the adoption of the gregorian reform for a given
region to the compiled zone file might be of interest.

i recently worked over cal(1) in netbsd to remove the places where
1752/09/03 was "hard-coded" as the date of the adoption of the reform,
adding in it's place a nice list of dates for various places, and
demoted 1752/09/03 to a mere default.  as a result, i can ask cal to
show me the calendar at the time that italy adopted the reform
(1582/10/05), or japan (1872/12/20).  note that i did not attempt to
handle things like sweden from 1700-1712.

it struck me that the tz data base would not be an unreasonable place
to store the "local" date at which the gregorian reform took place
(modulo the various cantons in switzerland and the parts of germany
that were protestant in the 16th century).


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