epochs and the Gregorian reform

Infoman mpereira at istar.ca
Wed Jul 30 11:19:49 UTC 2003

Adding the date of adoption of the Gregorian reform for a given region to
the compiled time zone is of interest to the social studies (history,
economics,  political science) as well as geographers, environmentalists,
trade and shipping historians, genealogists, etc..

The results could/should be packaged as a easily reference and useful
document for users of this nature. They in turn might be able to provide
inputs also.

regards - Jake Knoppers

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>> while it's not strictly related, i've often found myself wondering if
>> adding the date of the adoption of the gregorian reform for a given
>> region to the compiled zone file might be of interest.
>One of the places where information about the Julian -> Gregorian
>dates are kept is The Calendar FAQ:

that's really neat, and i'll bookmark it.

that said, informationally, it's approximately the same as the
calendrical calculations book.  while useful to know about, it's not
really sufficient programmatically, since the data is still in "text"
form and not easily accessible to your program.  :)

thanks again for the link.

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