America/Edmonton 2007

Greg Black gjb at
Thu Feb 9 04:17:14 UTC 2006

On 2006-02-09, Robert Elz wrote:

> it is almost inconceivable to imagine a city being able to
> operate with two different timezones in it.

Yet we make a habit of this in Australia.  The city on the
border of Queensland and New South Wales, known as Coolangatta
in Qld and Tweed Heads in NSW, consistently spends half the year
with multiple time zones (as Qld does not do DST and NSW does).

The city on the border of NSW and Victoria, known as Albury in
NSW and Wodonga in Vic, suffers less from this absurdity as NSW
and Vic both observe DST.  However, on years when sporting
events or other similarly-important perturbations in the natural
order make it expedient, it's quite possible for the change to
or from DST to occur on different dates.

(Yes, I know they are separate cities in legal terms.  But for
the people living there, they are not.  I've lived in both of
them and know from practical experience how maddening the
variant clocks can be.)


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