America/Edmonton 2007 and other zone naming issues

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at
Fri Feb 10 10:13:42 UTC 2006

> From: Robert Elz

> Rather than repeat all this discussion, again, and get everyone's opinion,
> again, (naming -of anything- is always an issue upon which everyone has
> an opinion) I would ask that if you don't like the current scheme, don't
> complain about it, instead come up with a detailed proposal for a new
> scheme.

I will not propose such a thing. The current scheme seems to work well
enough and if it ain't broke..... nothing has to be proposed!
The fact that there are developers who want to use the database by itself,
has understandably a low priority to the TZ maintainers.
Still, it doesn't hurt to review every now and then the qualities of the TZ
distribution and to put it into the perspective of the competition. When TZ
started, there was no internet competition. Now there is. Don't ask me
where, since the definition of 'competition' is variable. But you'll catch
the drift.

I've concocted a complete list with possible alternative routes for zone
names. It's nothing more than a demonstration model, with undoubtedly many
errors and hair raising cruelties, but it's at least something tangible to
look at.

Don't expect that I or anyone else will do anything with this list after
first publication. Alternative zone names are apparently not needed or
wanted. But the list might serve some meditational need of some sorts.

- Hm, I see, and where is this list of yours?
(ca. 30 KB)

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