atikokan daylight saving (or lack of it)

Mark Davis mark.davis at
Mon Jul 24 20:20:38 UTC 2006

I do want to point out that CLDR was required to have stable identifiers, so
the identifiers it uses are frozen once entered for the first time in the TZ
database. Formally it is not a problem for CLDR if the TZDB changes the
'canonical' TZ identifier in, as long as an alias is maintained to
the old one. And even if the TZDB removes an alias, we will still keep an
alias in CLDR for stability.

However, the more such changes are made, the more the 'canonical'
identifiers will drift apart; so we'd prefer to see the changes minimized
unless really necessary.


On 7/24/06, Paul Eggert <eggert at> wrote:
> "Chris Walton" <Chris.Walton at> writes:
> > Should we:
> > 1) update the entry for America/Coral_Harbour but not add a zone called
> America/Atikokan
> > Or
> > 2) add a new zone for America/Atikoan and leave America/Coral_Harbour
> alone
> > Or
> > 3) delete America/Coral_Harbour, add America/Atikokan, and update the
> "zonetab" + "backward" files.
> I'm leaning toward #3.  I don't recall seeing any other comments.
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