atikokan daylight saving (or lack of it)

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I am not sure if this helps the decision making process but here are the population numbers according to the 2001 Canadian census:
Coral Harbour: 712
Atikokan:     3632
These numbers don't include the black flies or mosquitoes!

The existing America/Coral_Harbour time zone encompasses all of Southampton Island (41214 square km) plus some small adjacent islands.
Coral Harbour is the only settlement on Southampton Island; the adjacent islands are (to the best of my knowledge) uninhabited.

The proposed America/Atikokan time zone would encompass the township of Atikokan (317 square km) and Quetico Provincial Park (4758 square km).
I confirmed with Robin Reilly from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources that the Quetico park staff use "Atikokan time" for official time keeping year-round; the reason being that the main park office is located in Atikokan.


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> Should we:
> 1) update the entry for America/Coral_Harbour but not add a zone 
> called America/Atikokan Or
> 2) add a new zone for America/Atikoan and leave America/Coral_Harbour 
> alone Or
> 3) delete America/Coral_Harbour, add America/Atikokan, and update the "zonetab" + "backward" files.

I'm leaning toward #3.  I don't recall seeing any other comments.

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