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Mark Davis mark.davis at
Fri Sep 29 21:42:06 UTC 2006

A couple more items.

There are currently only three instances where Rules are used before they
are defined. I realize that it doesn't make a difference with the current
zic, but for other parsers it would be nicer if Rules were only referenced
after they were defined. Any possibility of getting these Rule definitions
moved before their first usage in Zone lines?  It only affects one file.

  *** EU in Europe/London  *** EU in Europe/Dublin  *** Romania in
A minor item. The AT field can be wall time (and is, in the default case).
In all but the first rule, that is calculated from what the previous
transition produced. However, in the first rule, wall time can't be defined
by that, since there was no previous transition. Just to be perfectly clear,
zic.8.txt should say what the interpretation is in that case (I assume that
in that case, is identical with standard time).

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