Australian Capital Territory DST rule change?

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This site is useful for Australian actual dates...

1981-1982 would be the only time that ACT and NSW were not aligned...

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Re: Australian Capital Territory DST rule change?

Paul Eggert wrote:
> A story in the July 3 ABC News (Australia) says that the Australian
> Capital Territory (ACT) will change its daylight-saving rules starting
> October, to bring it into line with Tasmania, New South Wales,
> Victoria, and South Australia.

I think someone made a mistake and published (or republished) the story 
a year late. The story would make perfect sense if released in 2007.

In any case, the official statement is within a document called "2007-08 
Daylight Saving Arrangements in the ACT" found on this page:

The statement appears to be in line with the current tz data:

"Daylight saving in the ACT will commence as usual on the last
Sunday in October (28 October 2007) but will end a week later on
the first Sunday in April (6 April 2008).

The ACT has agreed to amend its Daylight Saving arrangements in
line with New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and

The changes extend the daylight saving period so that from 2008 it
will start on the first Sunday in October (rather than the last
Sunday in October) and end on the first Sunday in April (rather
than the last Sunday in March)."


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