Australian Capital Territory DST rule change?

Jesper Norgaard Welen jnorgard at
Thu Jul 10 05:24:50 UTC 2008

The difference between ACT and NSW in 1981-1982 on the page HYPERLINK
"" is interesting, I wonder if
it is a "typo" e.g. putting ACT on the wrong line, since Shanks, tz
database, HYPERLINK "" and others agree
that ACT followed DST until 1982-04-04. Is there any authoritative
information on this, since The Bureau of Metheorology already declines their
authority on this matter?
Concerning the story on HYPERLINK
"" I think you can read the article
like the Devil reads the Bible, but there is no real discrepancy if you read
it with an open mind:
(1) The rule changes from 2007 to 2008 meant that effective DST period is
now one month longer, however since the DST implementation was first a rule
change in DST end for 2007-2008, and then a rule change in DST start
2008-2009, then first period had 1 week longer DST, and second period 3
weeks longer DST. But the net effect is 1 month more DST.
(2) Starting this October DST rules are now in synch for ACT, NSW, TAS,VIC,
(3) daylight saving will now start on the first weekend of October and
continue until the start of April
- Jesper Nørgaard Welen

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