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Well... besides the news in this morning's printed edition of "La 
Nación" ( I sent 
earlier, now "Clarín" (the other major newspaper here) said 3 hours ago 
in its electronic edition 
( the same 
information, adding that "*In the coming days*, president Cristina 
Fernández de Kirchner will sign the decree that mandates forwarding the 
clocks between October 19th and March 14th, 2009(...)" so far for timely 

The on-line edition of "La Nación" also states 
( that the Province 
of Mendoza will *not* adhere to the DST change this year and that other 
Provinces may follow it in the decision.

In fact, a few days ago, the Governor of Mendoza sent a Provincial Law 
Project to the Province Legislature saying that the Province will not 
change the time even if the Nation does 

So Mendoza is actually being more timely than the Federal Government.

Maybe we should modify 'southamerica' to note this...

Now, in the complete speculation game, my personal guess is that at 
least San Luis will also stay in UTC-03:00 and not apply DST... I dunno 
about other provinces.

According to the above article from "La Nación", Provinces which might 
not adhere (besides Mendoza and San Luis), include Tucumán, Catamarca 
and San Juan...

Worst thing is that I can't seem to find reliable sources other than the 
press... and for Provincial matters, the National media are not that 


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