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Mariano Absatz - El Baby escribió el 09/10/08 17:18:
> Well... besides the news in this morning's printed edition of "La
> Nación" ( I sent
> earlier, now "Clarín" (the other major newspaper here) said 3 hours
> ago in its electronic edition
> ( the same
> information, adding that "*In the coming days*, president Cristina
> Fernández de Kirchner will sign the decree that mandates forwarding
> the clocks between October 19th and March 14th, 2009(...)" so far for
> timely legislation...
> The on-line edition of "La Nación" also states
> ( that the
> Province of Mendoza will *not* adhere to the DST change this year and
> that other Provinces may follow it in the decision.
> In fact, a few days ago, the Governor of Mendoza sent a Provincial Law
> Project to the Province Legislature saying that the Province will not
> change the time even if the Nation does
> (
> So Mendoza is actually being more timely than the Federal Government.
> Maybe we should modify 'southamerica' to note this...
> Now, in the complete speculation game, my personal guess is that at
> least San Luis will also stay in UTC-03:00 and not apply DST... I
> dunno about other provinces.
> According to the above article from "La Nación", Provinces which might
> not adhere (besides Mendoza and San Luis), include Tucumán, Catamarca
> and San Juan...
> Worst thing is that I can't seem to find reliable sources other than
> the press... and for Provincial matters, the National media are not
> that trustworthy...
Well... as usual, it is already  *that week* and I don't have any
reliable sources... my appeal for help
( didn't get
one response...

For what I see in the provincial press, the following provinces will
*not* apply DST this year:

* Mendoza
* San Juan
* San Luis
* Catamarca
* La Rioja

Only sources are provincial media:

At least they don't contradict each other...

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