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Andy Lipscomb escribió el 16/10/08 13:26:
>     "One historical question... I find that all cities, up until
>     1894-10-31 refer to LMT (Lima Mean Time?)... but all have
>     different offsets...
>     after that and up until May 1920, all refer to CMT (Córdoba Mean
>     Time) at a fixed -4:16:48 offset.
>     Which is the source for the LMT offsets?... 'cause I'm happily
>     copying and pasting and for sure introducing errors in the past...
>     not that I'm afraid of the butterfly effect, but I'd rather not
>     introduce wronful data..."
> LMT actually stands for Local Mean Time.  In other words, average solar time at that location. It can be computed from longitude--each degree of west longitude converts to four minutes behind UTC; otherwise put, a 15-degree longitude difference equals a one-hour LMT difference.
OK, now I get it... I'll find out longitudes of all the cities in 
America/Argentina, do the math and propose a patch... but before that...

today appeared in the Boletín Oficial of the Province of Mendoza the 
Provincial Law 7.955 

It says that Mendoza will use UTC-03:00 and UTC-04:00... and that the 
Provincial Executive Branch (the Governor) has the power to establish 
which one will be in effect and when... (along the same lines as the 
National Law, but with different time zones)...

However, neither that Law, nor the Decree #2.807 that promulgates it, 
says anything about what will be done in the next few days (or months)...

So, it's reasonable to think that at least until March 2009, Mendoza 
will keep using UTC-03:00, however, I think we should say that Mendoza 
is actually observing DST from its now standard WART (that is, it is at 
WARST, which is the same as ART)... am I right? Or is it just to messy?

I enclose a new patch (always against 2008h).

Mariano Absatz - "El Baby"
baby at

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