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Mariano Absatz - El Baby escribió el 16/10/08 15:17:
> Andy Lipscomb escribió el 16/10/08 13:26:
>>     "One historical question... I find that all cities, up until
>>     1894-10-31 refer to LMT (Lima Mean Time?)... but all have
>>     different offsets...
>>     after that and up until May 1920, all refer to CMT (Córdoba Mean
>>     Time) at a fixed -4:16:48 offset.
>>     Which is the source for the LMT offsets?... 'cause I'm happily
>>     copying and pasting and for sure introducing errors in the
>>     past... not that I'm afraid of the butterfly effect, but I'd
>>     rather not introduce wronful data..."
>> LMT actually stands for Local Mean Time.  In other words, average solar time at that location. It can be computed from longitude--each degree of west longitude converts to four minutes behind UTC; otherwise put, a 15-degree longitude difference equals a one-hour LMT difference.
Here's a new patch... the only difference is that I put the LMT on 
Comodoro Rivadavia (based on Andy's comment and the info on wikipedia 
that says that it's at 67°30'00"W)

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