Argentina DST blues

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Sun Oct 19 03:21:02 UTC 2008

Nicolas Alvarez escribió el 19/10/08 01:04:
> This is going to be a disaster again, anyway. The date just arrived, and my
> clock didn't change.
are you in the DST applying region?

what version of tzdata are you using?

what is your /etc/localtime?

my standard tzdata2008h from the ubuntu repositories handled the change
20 minutes ago without a hitch (see the "Date:" header of this
message... it should say "-0200" at the end)...

> I wish I could go and personally slap our president, then tell her that
> there is no way in hell tzdata maintainers can get everything set up 
> *and* Linux distro maintainers can update the tzdata package in TWO DAYS.
I think she couldn't care less about it...

> And I'll bet BIG money that Microsoft didn't get an update in time either.
The Microsoft procedures are hell... checkout the instrucions at it includes a
link to a 20 page pdf...

It couldn't be any more manual or cumbersome...

Compare that to
... 2 different recipes there... and they cover the whole country, MS
wouldn't tell you what to do if you live in Mendoza (in fact, you have
to select "Buenos Aires" and uncheck the "apply DST rules"... of course
it can't handle correctly times in the past...

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