Argentina DST blues

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Sun Oct 19 04:13:26 UTC 2008

Mariano Absatz - El Baby wrote:
> Nicolas Alvarez escribió el 19/10/08 01:04:
>> This is going to be a disaster again, anyway. The date just arrived, and
>> my clock didn't change.
> are you in the DST applying region?

Buenos Aires.

> what version of tzdata are you using?

2008g-0ubuntu0.8.04. I upgraded to version h (from hardy-proposed) and it
still didn't update the KDE clock, and 'date' says I'm in ART, but from a
direct terminal (a real TTY, not an X-based console emulator) it did give
the right time (ARST). I downgraded back to 'g', and actually I still see
the same (ARST on a tty, ART on KDE clock and running 'date' on a terminal
emulator). Do I have to *logout* to see the change?

> what is your /etc/localtime?

What am I supposed to do with it? I ran "cat" and it filled my terminal with
binary junk.

>> And I'll bet BIG money that Microsoft didn't get an update in time
>> either.
> The Microsoft procedures are hell... checkout the instrucions at
> it includes a
> link to a 20 page pdf...
> It couldn't be any more manual or cumbersome...

I'm wondering what should I tell everyone I know who uses Windows? Clearly I
can't just give them the link to microsoft, since it's such a mess. But I
definitely don't want to let them naively *change the clock*.

(I'm a contributor to an open source software that REALLY doesn't like the
clock changing. We had a user on the forum who apparently used Windows's
calendar as a vacation planner, changed the system date a few days forward,
then back to the right one, and the program completely stopped working.
Presumably would have suddenly started working again after those "few days"

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