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this one I missed...

Besides today's breaking news about Argentina not changing to DST this 
summer, the Province of San Luis is a case in itself.

The Law at 
is ambiguous because establishes a calendar from the 2nd Sunday in 
October at 0:00 thru the 2nd Saturday in March at 24:00 and the 
complement of that starting on the 2nd Sunday of March at 0:00 and 
ending on the 2nd Saturday of March at 24:00.

This clearly breaks every time the 1st of March or October is a Sunday.

IMHO, the "spirit of the Law" is to make the changes at 0:00 on the 2nd 
Sunday of October and March.

The problem is that the changes in the rest of the Provinces that did 
change in 2007/2008, were made according to the Federal Law and Decrees 
that did so on the 3rd Sunday of October and March.

In fact, San Luis actually switched from UTC-4 to UTC-3 last Sunday 
(October 11th) at 0:00.

So I guess a new set of rules, besides "Arg", must be made and the last 
America/Argentina/San_Luis entries should change to use these...

I'm enclosing a patch that does what I say... regretfully, the San Luis 
timezone must be called "WART/WARST" even when most of the time (like, 
right now) WARST == ART... that is, since last Sunday, all the country 
is using UTC-3, but in my patch, San Luis calls it "WARST" and the rest 
of the country calls it "ART".

The patch includes the previous patch from Margarita.

Of course, there is no indication that any time soon, the Federal 
Government says anything about what will happen next year... probably 
they will decide by mid-October 2010 :-(


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