Please stop the change to Argentina's summer time

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Mon Oct 19 14:12:49 UTC 2009

Mariano Absatz - El Baby escribió el 16/10/09 11:48:
> Hi,
> Margarita is not on the tz mailing list and she asked me to forward 
> this to you.... if you want replies to reach her, don't forget to add 
> her address to the Cc:
> As this paper news 
> ( 
> <>) that Arnaldo 
> just sent to the list, confirms, there will be no DST change in 
> Argentina this weekend (although the Decree wasn't published in time).
> I checked Margarita's patch and it seems OK to me (for what I read 
> last year, she works with the Debian people helping them maintain the 
> tzdata package at least in stuff related to Argentina).
> Regards.
Hi there,

Margarita's patch made it into all active ubuntu releases 
(hardy-updates, intrepid-updates and jaunty-updates), as well as the 
release ready to launch in 10 days (karmic):

I have personally installed in a few jaunty servers and workstations and 
a couple of hardy servers and everything is working fine.

AFAIK, it is also making its way into the different debian releases 
(sid, lenny and etch).

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