[tz] Fw: Converting from individual cities/states/country names to Windows time zone names

yoshito_umaoka at us.ibm.com yoshito_umaoka at us.ibm.com
Tue Dec 6 03:52:27 UTC 2011

> 4) Out of date data 
> You may want to map Belarus to (UTC+02:00) Minsk. However, Minsk 
> (Belarus) is currently using UTC+03:00/no DST. 
> Microsoft suggests Windows users in Belarus to use (UTC+03:00) 
> Kakiningrad for now [http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2625508]. 

BTW, I found Microsoft has already published the update on November 22 [

For this specific instance, display name "(UTC+02:00) Minsk" was changed 
to "(UTC+02:00) Nicosia", then display name of "(UTC+03:00) Kaliningrad" 
was changed to "(UTC+03:00) Kaliningrad, Minsk".

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