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Steven Abner pheonix at zoomtown.com
Tue Dec 6 20:48:36 UTC 2011

   I could use some input. I have a different database, lots of reasons for it, which has the attached file
as part of the database. I am not an international person, nor is my code yet patented, since the big corps won't
take this seriously unless it is. This file was created out of necessity for implementation of operating system
functions and a bridge between user and your database, or so I think. Even if you think my thoughts on the intro
are invalid, please respond. My initial intent was to submit this for you all to use, but I have already assumed that
it will be rejected, the norm!
  So please, any international users fell free to make suggestive comments. I am in the process of trying to fully
automate the list generation, have to hand work some. It has been tested for the strptime(), getdate() and strftime()
functions and found not lacking. Of course, this is from test cases I have to think up, since none of the functions
I have tested can handle time zones. I am still testing, and re-evaluting for debug-ability and optimizations, so
this is not set in concrete.
  If tz peoples would like to adopt this file, cool! The zic compiler will handle, but your file retrieval will probably
need to be altered some. Can't help you there, sorry, different system. There are some notes in the file. In
particular this could sate those that aren't fond of the Australia zones and may make Indonesian peoples happy.
It addresses, hopefully, French, German and Brazilian peoples too.
  Off list input also accepted.

pheonix at zoomtown.com

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