New site with North American Time Zone borders

Steve Jones stevejones at
Sat Feb 12 01:26:21 UTC 2011


A couple of follow up questions:

it says that all of Baffin Island observes 
Eastern Time.  I'm pretty sure that Arctic Bay 
does, and it is situated (barely) west of the 85° 
line.  I think that may be the westernmost 
settlement on the island.  So that leaves a 
discrepancy between our maps.  Do you have any insights on this?

We also have discrepancies for Sturgeon Landing 
(south of Denare Beach) and Paynton (East of 
Lloydminster) on opposite sides of 
Saskatchewan.  Looking back to my sources, they 
are not definitive.  I presume I should adjust my borders.


Steve Jones

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