[tz] tzcode2012b & tzdata2012b available

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Fri Mar 2 06:10:11 UTC 2012

The files
are now available.

These reflect the changes circulated earlier today on the list.

There is just one change to tzcode2012b (compared witth 2012a):
the Makefile that was accidentally included with 2012a has been
replaced with the version that should have been there, which is
identical with the previous version (from tzcode2011i).

For people upgrading directly from 2011i to 2012b, the changes in
tzcode are just to the README and tz-art.htm and tz-link.htm and
reflect changes to the mailing list address & subscription URLs,
and the code distribution URLs and methods.  tz-link.htm also has
a link to DateTime::TimeZone::Tzfile added.

There are just two changes in tzdata2012b compared with 2012a.

Most significantly, summer time in Cuba has been delayed 3 weeks
(now starts April 1 rather than March 11).   Since Mar 11 (the old start
date, as listed in 2012a) is just a little over a week away, this
change is urgent.

Less importantly, an excess tab in one of the changes in zone.tab
in 2012a has been removed.

Compared to the last long lived distribution (given tzdata2012a existed
less than a day) which was tzdata2011n, the other major changes are:
	Chile 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 summer time date adjustments.
	Falkland Islands onto permanent summer time (we're assuming for the
		foreseeable future, though 2012 is all we're fairly certain of.)
	Armenia has abolished Summer Time.
	Tokelau jumped the International Date Line back last December
		(just the same as their near neighbour, Samoa).
	America/Creston is a new zone for a small area of British Columbia
	There will be a leapsecod 2012-06-30 23:59:60 UTC.

Other minor changes are:
	Corrections to 1918 Canadian summer time end dates.
	Updated URL for UK timezone history (in comments)
	A few typos in Le Corre's list of free French place names (comments)

Once again, crypto hashes of the distribution files, generated using
NetBSD's pkgsrc digest program, are appended so you can verify the
distribution files you fetch have not been corrupted.


MD5 (tzcode2012b.tar.gz) = 6137322ffd36e1fd5128885be1c57008
RMD160 (tzcode2012b.tar.gz) = 25acce807c9e19d8294fe4dd8eac08fba9d796af
SHA1 (tzcode2012b.tar.gz) = 7172f71a23fb6fe8f99099f810d05366ed5d7130
SHA512 (tzcode2012b.tar.gz) = 12b60b6b00db51651a85e4448c8795c8f0d0fbeeec66bec4e8613dff41fec3324a0b20f7d66183541a389eff0d2a93b3346a045a58a0d977739924f06d017fd3
TIGER (tzcode2012b.tar.gz) = a4378982416395d5d632270db4fb3c5c568ebf57b7130636
WHIRLPOOL (tzcode2012b.tar.gz) = 2a343f318b737a2b4e85f29416d25b07a04f3395a49c6e863a3bf4492b63de17545d30b0377ab4d1587fd0fc85ecf234fe2c45bff4bd2f0f97b33b82b3f2e3f0
MD5 (tzdata2012b.tar.gz) = 0615fd29def380a917e528433c820368
RMD160 (tzdata2012b.tar.gz) = b58bb8a633b664f5babed8a6681ecc25a039733d
SHA1 (tzdata2012b.tar.gz) = cd7c43bf8ccf56d174a2b85d2da35e83fd8f1107
SHA512 (tzdata2012b.tar.gz) = 08f3f07e0abf75d278210fc9237344b6613b6b055bedf974b75437bfa153bdaf238135487acde38f352e55805b5bc9b3db93d9c08fdb3cfba68b3609c06445f9
TIGER (tzdata2012b.tar.gz) = 0b67a1f5408d8b6addd7c07df6e87fa9e54bb9102ae758fd
WHIRLPOOL (tzdata2012b.tar.gz) = 530a6bcdf4fe4c92c478e709093c19fc2424c52a55756ea2e6cf66854f659bd67c6503e6235aa23348f5caeb5e92348a34d731334ca168a410feaa33f85533b0

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