[tz] TZ from lat/lon?

H J heywoodj123 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 20 08:18:50 UTC 2012

--- On Thu, 3/1/12, David Patte <dpatte at relativedata.com> wrote:

> Time Zone Master, from relativedata.com, is a windows program that does 
> this type of calculation internally.
> The programme is free from our site, and is packaged as a desktop clock 
> application, but if you are looking for a more specific product for your 
> needs, the internal latlong->tz engine could be rebuilt into something 
> more suitable. Let me know what you are looking for.

Hi David,

Thanks for responding, and sorry I have been so slow in getting back
to you (work travel the past few weeks; just now catching up). The
Windows app looks terrific, but my little project will need to run
on a small embedded Linux board (Gumstix Overo or similar), so I
think it's really the internal engine I would want to use. (And in
case it matters, this is a one-off personal project I'd been thinking
of doing for some time now, so it's strictly non-commercial.)



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