[tz] TZ from lat/lon?

H J heywoodj123 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 20 08:02:57 UTC 2012

--- On Thu, 3/15/12, Yves Goergen <nospam.list at unclassified.de> wrote:

> I have written a C# application that uses data from the
> tzmap database some time ago. You give it your lat/lng
> coordinates and it gives you the local timezone name from
> there. I was planning to publish my tz-related tools
> sometime in the future, but I could send you a copy of
> it now if you wish.

Hi Yves,

That sounds very much along the lines of what I was looking
for. I would very much appreciate a copy of your application
if you are willing to send it. I should point out that my
little project is going to take me some time to build (I want
to do the HW first), so although I'm not much of a C# hacker,
I can provide detailed feedback as and when I am able to do so.

Thanks in advance,


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