[tz] Nagorno-Karabakh abolishing Daylight Saving Time

Steffen Thorsen thorsen at timeanddate.com
Mon Mar 26 12:35:32 UTC 2012

On 24.03.2012 19:06, Alexander Krivenyshev wrote:
> According to news Nagorno-Karabakh (de facto independent republic, disputed
> between Armenia and Azerbaijan) is abolishing Daylight Saving Time.
We have unsuccessfully tried to find out if the new DST rule for 
Nagorno-Karabakh already applies to 2012, or when it comes into effect. 
Does anyone know more about this?

One hotel we called said that local time there was like UTC+5 (DST 
applied) - so either they have not been informed correctly, or the law 
is not applied yet.

Best regards,
Steffen Thorsen - timeanddate.com

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