[tz] Nagorno-Karabakh abolishing Daylight Saving Time

Alexander Krivenyshev worldtimezone at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 26 14:07:47 UTC 2012

Steffen Thorsen <thorsen <at> timeanddate.com> writes:

> On 24.03.2012 19:06, Alexander Krivenyshev wrote:
> > According to news Nagorno-Karabakh (de facto independent republic, disputed
> > between Armenia and Azerbaijan) is abolishing Daylight Saving Time.
> We have unsuccessfully tried to find out if the new DST rule for 
> Nagorno-Karabakh already applies to 2012, or when it comes into effect. 
> Does anyone know more about this?
> One hotel we called said that local time there was like UTC+5 (DST 
> applied) - so either they have not been informed correctly, or the law 
> is not applied yet.
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> Steffen Thorsen - timeanddate.com

We have to wait and see for more info.

For example, although Armenia government cancelled DST this year but 
it seems nobody (or not many) knows anything about it ???

here is blog from Armenia:
Google and Ubuntu rule in Armenia or the chaos of the summer time:

And here's another news that 
Nagorno-Karabakh rejects move to "summer" time (in russian):

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