[tz] Sakha Republic bugs - eight months passed - still not fixed

Tobias Conradi tobias.conradi at gmail.com
Fri May 4 01:35:45 UTC 2012

1) Since September 2011 - at least - there is disagreement between
reported law and tzdb for current offsets in
Bulunsky Ulus,
Oymyakonsky Ulus,
Tomponsky Ulus,
Ust-Maysky Ulus
which are located in Russia.

On 2012-04-29 (http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2012-April/017639.html)
it was defined by a TZ maintainer that:
"The first order of business is to ensure that current (2012) time stamps
are handled correctly throughout Russia."

So, I assume the below could fall under first order of business.

2012-09-16 Alexander Krivenyshev reported differences

2012-09-16 Tobias Conradi wondered whether there was a change in
offset or the TZ DB simply contained false data
Two zones are proposed in case the data is correct for the time before
the decree took effect
Asia/Khandyga (setup changed later)
Asia/Ust-Nera containing Oymyakonsky

2012-09-17 Arthur David Olson makes a summary

2012-09-20 Tobias Conradi changes the proposal for
Asia/Khandyga to only contain Tomponsky, Ust-Maysky

2012-09-27 Arthur David Olson asks for old decree
"Decree #725 indicates that it abrogates Decree #23 of January 8, 1992 (among
other things abrogated); is the abrogated decree available online?"

2012-09-27 Sanjeev Gupta provides a link to the scan

2012-10-02 Arthur David Olson makes some analysis of the data

2012-10-02 Yury Tarasievich clarifies that the sections contain border
and additionally writes

"BTW, the document only notes the possibility,
but doesn't explicitly refer to the then actual
(Soviet) practice for the large territories to
observe the zonal time of the neighbouring timezone."


Now follows my interpretation of
(granitsa mezhdy = border between)
page 5 section about Zone 8 - Zone 9 border
Zone 8/left: Bulunsky Raion
Zone 9/right: Ust-Maysky Raion + Tomponsky Raion

page 6 section about Zone 9 - Zone 10 border
Zone 10/right: Oymyakonsky Raion

Which, except for Bulunsky Raion, is what according to
"tzdata2012c/europe" Oscar van Vlijmen did report, but no sources were
cited for.

That would mean that:

A) two zones need to be created:
Asia/Ust-Nera Oymyakonsky Ulus
Asia/Khandyga Tomponsky Ulus, Ust-Maysky Ulus
both zones observing a change in offset towards Moscow Time in
September 2011, exact time see below.

B) Bulunsky Ulus needs a fix. Either 2009-11-29 Oscar van Vlijmen
report is correct, then a new zone is needed or it is not correct,
then the report should be removed or marked deprecated and the data
from the 1992 decree could be used for the time before the 2011 decree
became effective.

Time of change:
"Опубликован: "Российская Газета", No.197, 6 сентября 2011 г"
My translation: ~Published ..... 2011-09-06
"Effective as of after 7 days following the day of the official publication."
which would mean the law became effective 2011-09-13 a Tuesday.

"Дата первой официальной публикации: 6 сентября 2011 г"
My translation: First official publication 2011-09-06.

Note: That all leaves out effects as mentioned in the above cited
2012-10-02 comment by Yury Tarasievich. Maybe there was no offset
change relative to Moscow Time, so no zones are needed. But in absence
of reports supporting deviation from the 1992 decree boundaries for
any of the four raion/ulus I would follow the 1992 decreed zone

2) Law 2011
Sakha Republic is split by decree #725
Zone 7 - Moscow Time + 6
...Bulunskij, Tomponskij, Ust'-Majskij...
Zone 8 - Moscow Time + 7
Zone 9 - Moscow Time + 8

3) TZDB 2012
tzdata2012c\europe splits Sakha as follows
# From Oscar van Vlijmen (2009-11-29):
# The Sakha districts are: Aldanskij, Amginskij, Anabarskij,
# Verkhnevilyujskij, Vilyujskij, Gornyj,
# Zhiganskij, Kobyajskij, Lenskij, Megino-Kangalasskij, Mirninskij,
# Namskij, Nyurbinskij, Olenyokskij, Olyokminskij,
# Suntarskij, Tattinskij, Ust'-Aldanskij, Khangalasskij,
# Churapchinskij, Eveno-Bytantajskij Natsional'nij.
Zone Asia/Yakutsk (zone.tab: Moscow+06)

# From Oscar van Vlijmen (2009-11-29):
# The Sakha districts are: Bulunskij, Verkhoyanskij, Tomponskij, Ust'-Majskij,
# Ust'-Yanskij.
Zone Asia/Vladivostok (zone.tab: Moscow+07)

# From Oscar van Vlijmen (2009-11-29):
# The Sakha districts are: Abyjskij, Allaikhovskij, Verkhhhnekolymskij, Momskij,
# Nizhnekolymskij, Ojmyakonskij, Srednekolymskij.
Zone Asia/Magadan (zone.tab: Moscow+08)

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