[tz] Comments and mapping of tz zones to the real world

Wallace, Malcolm Malcolm.Wallace at sc.com
Tue May 8 07:51:44 UTC 2012

> Who is we?
> This does not apply to what the IANA hosted tzdb project does. Do you
> have a mailing list for your tzdb project?
> Also it seems the Elz tzdb is much less known than the IANA / Olson
> tzdb.

I believe, when Robert says "we", he probably means himself, Arthur
Olson, and Paul Eggert, who together have recently been the official
maintainers of the IANA/Olson tzdb.  His "we" may even include some
other people on this mailing list, who also understand the tzdb project
well.  It is clear that you do not understand this project as well as
they do - otherwise you would not constantly be questioning their
judgement, in a manner that often comes across as rude and offensive.

Whilst you seem to think that the "Theory" file is the ultimate arbiter
of the scope of the project, you are wrong.  It is the human beings
named as maintainers who take the ultimate decisions on whether any
particular proposed change is in or out of scope for the tzdb project.
These human beings, through their long association with the tzdb
project, are able to understand and interpret nuances, and also to make
corrections to the text of the Theory file (where the Theory file turns
out to fail to express the intent of the maintainers adequately).

If you can manage both to be more polite whilst asking questions, and
clearer about the changes you propose, you will probably find you will
achieve a more rapid and willing response.  But if you persist with your
current abrasive approach, I think the maintainers may eventually get
tired of your style and cease to respond at all.

> Maybe this time you look into the
> Theory file and read what the scope of the tzdb is.

    "The time zone rule file naming conventions attempt to strike a
    among the following goals:

     * Uniquely identify every national region where clocks have all
       agreed since 1970.  [...]
     * Indicate to humans as to where that region is.
     * [...] "

I presume you mean to invoke the second bullet point here.  But do
notice in the introductory sentence: "strike a balance between" - this
indicates that the goals may conflict with each other, and human
judgement is required.  Also notice the word "attempt" - it is OK for
the maintainers to prefer one goal over another in some situations, and
to use an opposite preference in other situations.


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