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>>> This is a vote to use AEST/AEDT, or switch completely to Internationalized time point unique abbreviations.
>> I have been very clear since my very first email that may main concern is with the daylight savings abbreviations.

>>Again switching completely to Internationalized time point unique abbreviations is outside the scope of the tz database.
>Again? Where did you say it is outside the scope of the tz database before?

>Where is the scope defined to have EDT? Going for "out of scope"
>without citing policy looks like trying to conceal that fact that it is only outside your scope. 

For the scope of changes that can be made to the tz database please read: http://www.iana.org/go/rfc6557

No one is trying to conceal anything I'm simply following the procedures outlined in that document.

> You seem to not care about anything outside Australia and deteriorating the database by introducing new meanings of D is not problem for you.

I can accuse you of trying to introduce a new meaning to Australians. Please show me where it says that we must use the abbreviations used elsewhere in the database. Your own table shows that the abbreviations letters can mean different things. AGAIN you are trying to enforce unique and standardised abbreviations, as I have said this would be great if the world as a whole decided to use such standards but there is no such thing currently,  if I'm wrong please enlighten me.
Again: "Changes to existing entries SHALL reflect the consensus on the ground in the region covered by that entry."

>> We are simply trying to get the daylight savings abbreviations changed 
>> to what is *actually* used in Australia.
>Macquarie Island in the IANA time zone database is AQ and not Australia.

Macquarie island is part of Australia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macquarie_Island

Timothy Arceri

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