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Tim, FTR: You now put a private reply to a private email of yours to
me on the list.

On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 5:35 AM, Timothy Arceri <T.Arceri at bom.gov.au> wrote:
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>>>> This is a vote to use AEST/AEDT, or switch completely to Internationalized time point unique abbreviations.
>>> I have been very clear since my very first email that may main concern is with the daylight savings abbreviations.
>>>Again switching completely to Internationalized time point unique abbreviations is outside the scope of the tz database.
>>Again? Where did you say it is outside the scope of the tz database before?
>>Where is the scope defined to have EDT? Going for "out of scope"
>>without citing policy looks like trying to conceal that fact that it is only outside your scope.
> For the scope of changes that can be made to the tz database please read: http://www.iana.org/go/rfc6557

Scope of changes and scope of the database are two things, right?

> No one is trying to conceal anything I'm simply following the procedures outlined in that document.
>> You seem to not care about anything outside Australia and deteriorating the database by introducing new meanings of D is not problem for you.
> I can accuse you of trying to introduce a new meaning to Australians.
Of course.

> Please show me where it says that we must use the abbreviations used elsewhere in the database.
That I cannot.

> Your own table shows that the abbreviations letters can mean different things.
D for %s never means anything else than 1:00 saving. HD and HS for %s
always mean less than 1:00 saving and DD and DS always mean 2:00

So, you introduce a new meaning for D for %s.

> AGAIN you are trying to enforce unique and standardised abbreviations,
using D, DD, DS, HD, HS as has been done in the database for %s does
NOT make the abbreviations unique.

AGAIN: You are confusing topics.

> as I have said this would be great if the world as a whole decided to use such standards but there is no such thing currently,

There is a standard for %s

> if I'm wrong please enlighten me.
I can only present facts to show that you are wrong. Whether you are
able to use these for enlightenment is outside my range of influence.

> Again: "Changes to existing entries SHALL reflect the consensus on the ground in the region covered by that entry."
>>> We are simply trying to get the daylight savings abbreviations changed
>>> to what is *actually* used in Australia.
>>Macquarie Island in the IANA time zone database is AQ and not Australia.
> Macquarie island is part of Australia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macquarie_Island

In Wikipedia, not in the IANA time zone database.


AQ -5430+15857 Antarctica/Macquarie Macquarie Island Station, Macquarie Island

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