[tz] Proposal for new rules

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Fri Aug 30 11:54:19 UTC 2013

Guy Harris said:
> And irrelevant to the time zone database until somebody updates the "europe" file to reflect the difference in LMT prior to the adoption, in both Italy and the Vatican, of standard time.

Just to confuse things, Rome wasn't part of Italy until October 1871 [1]
when the Papal States were absorbed into the new country (Italy itself
wasn't created until 1861) following a plebiscite.

The Papacy didn't accept this result and claimed to remain a separate
country. In 1929 the Lateran Treaty created a new Vatican City State
controlled by the Holy See.

[1] Rome was captured by Italian armies on 20 September 1870.

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