[tz] Proposal for new rules

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Fri Aug 30 19:22:07 UTC 2013

On Fri 2013-08-30T11:34:25 -0700, Guy Harris hath writ:
> Yes, but tzdb time zones don't necessarily have *an* LMT value for a
> particular "proleptic UTC" value; the LMT value may differ depending
> on where you are.

News from 1945 about the US prior to the 1883 adoption of railroad time:

    In Kansas City each of the leading jewelers furnished his own
    "standard time," and no two of these standards agreed.  Sometimes
    the range was as much as 20 minutes.  Each jeweler had his own
    customers who set their watches by his regulator and were willing
    to wager on the correctness of his time.

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