[tz] Russia plans to switch back to the

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Greatly appreciate the reports and updates. 

We follow this quite closely, and have seen updated news reports today that counter this assumption. It's not clear yet what will happen. As noted in an update here http://news.yahoo.com/time-russias-medvedev-resists-change-133721061.html ...

"The government quickly denied the report, and then Medvedev himself told a Cabinet session that he sees no point in switching the clock now. 

"The government considers it unfeasible to again switch time at the current moment," Medvedev said, adding that public opinion has been divided. "Let's not make sharp movements and live in those conditions without making extra fuss. Let's keep monitoring the situation and once again analyze the opinion of experts, doctors and citizens."

It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

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correct link is
(in russian)

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