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Here is the output when putting the text at
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The authorities decided to return the Russians hour of sleep, moving the
clock back one hour. Positive decision the Government has taken, and soon in
the form of a bill initiative will be introduced in the State Duma. This
"News" said a senior source in the Kremlin and the White House.

Decision is made. Until the end of the year Russia will move to a permanent
winter, and there will be a transition year for the summer. This was
officially announced within a week or two - the source in the government.

The source said the "News" in the presidential administration, a long time
in the government was working on the issues how will set points. Kremlin in
the case did not interfere.

It is a question of the government. Discussion relates to whether to return
the old system, when the hands were transferred twice a year, or once
translated into winter. Won, apparently, the latest version - the official

The fact that the decision has been made, said in early February, and Deputy
Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. However, he did not say what the government
issued a verdict.

Dissatisfaction DST expressed not only by Russians. The head of the
Coordination Commission of the International Olympic Committee, Jean-Claude
Killy asked Kozak with a letter about the need to return the winter time for
the Olympics in Sochi.

At the request of the IOC, the majority of those who watch the Olympics -
the inhabitants of Europe. Russia's transition to winter time will make
viewing broadcasts from the Olympic Games is more convenient for them, the
letter said Killy.

Chairman of the Duma Committee on Health Sergei Kalashnikov also noted that
the February 11 deadline for the Government's response to the MP on the
transfer arrows in the winter.

I believe the correct transition. This is what we asked for. But we fear
that the officials transferred all members of the Federation, and then we
will be in seven regions minus one hour from astronomical time - said

Head of the committee said that currently 22 region live with the deviation
from the astronomical time of two hours, 54 regions in an hour, and only
seven of the Federation are on a par with him.

Arrows must be converted into 76 regions, then we would get that only 22 of
the region for one hour will depart from astronomical time - he said.

Deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Health Nikolai Gerasimenko ("United
Russia") says that the return of winter time will be a useful step.

Many now suffer, especially children and students, they have to get up at
5-6 am, sleepy to go to school - said the United Russia.

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