[tz] Timezones Morocco 2013 incorrect

Sebastien WILLEMIJNS sebastien at willemijns.com
Mon Mar 4 23:07:31 UTC 2013

this is the last FR articles about TZ on this website


in reverse order... 

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013, at 10:18, Paul Eggert wrote:
> On 03/04/2013 12:52 AM, Erik Homoet wrote:
> > An official link for the announcement for this year I cannot find on
> > official local websites but on all timezone and worldtime websites and
> > airlines booking engines are using it.
> Thanks.  Last year it looks like the official announcement
> by the Head of Government of the Kingdom of Morocco wasn't until
> July 11 (for July 20 and August 20 transitions), so if we wait for
> something official it'll be uncomfortably close
> to the actual event.  Here's last year's announcement (in French):
> http://www.mmsp.gov.ma/fr/actualites.aspx?id=288
> I'm thinking of using the GNU Emacs predictions for Ramadan for
> 2013-2037,
> whatever they are, and slapping them into the Morocco table by hand,
> as predictions.  Any better suggestions are welcome.

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