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L. David Baron dbaron at dbaron.org
Fri Oct 9 16:35:11 UTC 2015

On Thursday 2015-10-08 22:40 -0700, Paul Eggert wrote:
> Steve Jones wrote:
> >So it sounds like the actual implementation may not extend all the way down to
> >the Baja/Baja Sur border.
> Yes, that sounds definitive.  I suppose we could rename America/Santa_Isabel
> to America/Cedros_Island, since we know Cedros Island observes UTC-8 with
> Mexican rules.  But it'd be nicer if we could find the largest town in that
> time zone region.

Now that Steve's message arrived to the list, one more comment:

The quote in question is:

> > > sometimes after the time change in the US the time zone is different than
> > > California, but is not for more than a week, when its similar to Mountain
> > > time/ Baja Sur..... I know, what a pain....

This seems a bit less than definitive to me, since during the
intervals between the US and Mexican time changes (2nd Sunday in
March - first Sunday in April, and last Sunday in in October - first
Sunday in November), California (US) and Baja California Sur (Mexico)
are at the same UTC offset (UTC-7).  It sounds like the author of
the quote may be assuming that Baja Sur (Mexico) and California (US)
must always be different, and therefore matching one means not
matching the other.

Two other clarifications to the paragraph at the end of my post
yesterday about http://www.cenam.mx/hora_oficial/ndisposicion.aspx .
First, there's a link in the sidebar of
http://www.cenam.mx/hora_oficial/ to the actual decree at
which makes it clear that both paragraphs that I was referring to
were from the decree, rather than only the first.

Second, there is one bit of ambiguous wording in the decree which is
that it always refers to municipalities *except* when referring to
Ensenada, when it refers to the *city* of Ensenada.  It's not clear
to me whether this refers to the municipality or to the capital of
that municipality, with the same name.  (However, this is not
ambiguous in the national government press release that I quoted.)


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