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Random832 random832 at fastmail.com
Fri Oct 9 13:29:08 UTC 2015

On Fri, Oct 9, 2015, at 02:37, L. David Baron wrote:
> The best I could find at the Centro Nacional de Metrología was this:
> http://www.cenam.mx/hora_oficial/ndisposicion.aspx which first
> quotes from a decree that lists a smaller list of municipalities,
> and then gives a broader rule that says all municipalities within
> 20km of the US border *plus* the municipality of Ensenada in Baja
> California follow the US rules. 

That page says "la Ciudad de" Ensenada, which may mean the city (125 km
from the border) rather than the municipality (which covers the whole
rest of the state)

It might be best to simply see if someone can contact a business in,
say, San Felipe, and find out what time it is. If they do use the
Mexican rule, they're probably the largest (and furthest north of any
significant size, at 190 km from the border) city in the state that

> (I'd caution that my Spanish is reasonably good, but not the level
> of a native speaker.  Probably better than Google Translate,
> though.)

I wonder if there are subtleties we are missing that mean this is a list
of municipalities in which *at least part of* the municipality observes
US rules.

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