[tz] TZ data version 2016g

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Sep 29 08:26:48 UTC 2016

Sami Nieminen wrote:
> With the latest TZ data release these have hanged:
> - The makefile now has "VERSION" set to "unknown". Earlier this contained the
> version string, e.g. "2016f".

Yes, that was done by the patch posted on September 6:


Putting the version number in the Makefile was a bad idea, because it made the 
number usually wrong when checking out from the development repository. We're 
still thinking of a better way to deal with the version-number information; see 
the thread containing:


> - Moving  to FTP directories "/tz/code" and "/tz/data" now give "550: Failed to
> change directory"

Thanks for letting us know. I have pinged the ICANN staff about this. In the 
meantime you can get the files from the tarballs.

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