[tz] Urumqi timezone.

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Thu Apr 13 06:42:20 UTC 2017

Yeah, however in the current situation when manufacturer choose to default
the time in Xinjiang to UTC+8, UTC+6-users in the region can only pick for
example some Russian cities in their device to force their devices to use
UTC+6, and those other UTC+6 towns could have could shift their time or
change DST setting which make the option less than ideal as an substitute.

2017年4月13日 14:07 於 "Paul Eggert" <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> 寫道:

> gfb hjjhjh wrote:
>> ​But a problem with the current approach is that when some products opt to
>> use geolocation-based timezone selection
> I don't see how adding an alias would help resolve that problem. No matter
> what, manufacturers will need to decide what the default should be for
> people geographically located in Xinjiang. This is true regardless of
> whether the name of one zone is Asia/Shanghai or Asia/Urumqi2 or
> Asia/Whatever.
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