[tz] Urumqi timezone.

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Thu Apr 13 09:21:12 UTC 2017

    Date:        Thu, 13 Apr 2017 14:42:20 +0800
    From:        gfb hjjhjh <c933103 at gmail.com>
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  | Yeah, however in the current situation when manufacturer choose to default
  | the time in Xinjiang to UTC+8, UTC+6-users in the region can only pick for
  | example some Russian cities in their device to force their devices to use
  | UTC+6,

Then you should complain to the maunfacturer (of the software, not necessarily
hardware, though you might need to go through the latter to get to the former)
about how things are shipped, and the defaults chosen.

This project locates what timezones exist, and makes zones (in the database)
for each of them.  If a zone is missing from the tz database, or contains
incorrect (time/date) data (please don't complain about names...) then
we would love to receive corrections, particularly if supported by some kind
or verifiable evidence (but even rumors can be useful as a starting point.)

Once the zones exist, users (either end users who install this themselves
or system manufactures/integrators) are free to apply them however, and in
whatever manner they like - we have neither control, nor even influence over

The closest we come is with tzselect (which some, including me, believe is
really outside the scope of this project, and shouldn't be included at all.)
But in this case, that should/would work for what you want, had the
manufacturer chosen to use it (but it is a fairly primitive interface, and
it is understandable why they would prefer something better.)

Note: it is entirely possible that some manufacturers might choose not to
risk upsetting the Chinese authorities by admitting the existance of a
time zone in China that the authorities would prefer to believe does not exist.

Again, there is nothing that we can do about that ... your only real
recourse (if a simple bug report to the manufacturer does not change things)
is for affected users to refuse to buy products from manufacturers who
refuse to support them properly, and hope that the economic consequences
will sway the manufacturer ... or to convince the authorities that having
a single time zone for all of China is not the best approach, so a policy
change could allow everyone to be happy.

Again none of that is anything this project can assist with.


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