[tz] State of Texas – A plan to end daylight saving time

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Mon Mar 13 14:43:59 UTC 2017

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan McDonald <danmcd at omniti.com> writes:

Dan> Oh, and at this point, I should remind folks of my friend's proposal for
Dan> easier springing forward, aka. the Don Hausen DST plan:

Dan> 1.) Fall back stays as is.

Dan> 2.) Spring forward happens on a Friday at 4pm, where time then jumps to 5pm.
Dan> This means an earlier end to the work day, and provides an opportunity for
Dan> celebration at various local establishments.  Less sleep is lost, and
Dan> honestly, another excuse to celebrate isn't a bad idea.

+1 (in the spring, of course {grin})

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