[tz] Western Australia time zone January 1, 2019

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Apr 1 16:45:49 UTC 2018

Today the Guardian Express of Perth reported that the government of Western 
Australia has decided to advance the clocks permanently from +0800 to +0900 on 
January 1, 2019. Presumably the time will still be called Australian Western 
Standard Time (AWST), as it will still differ by 30 minutes from ACST (+0930). 
For now, I suppose we should guess that Australia/Eucla will simultaneously 
switch from +0845 to +0915 so as to stay halfway between AWST and ACST.

Proposed patch attached.

The article concludes that the government has made several concessions to 
residents opposed to the measure, and lists some of them. One is that "people 
over the age of 60 concerned about colour bleaching from drapes and blinds can 
apply in writing to have the extra hour of sunshine removed from their area."


Daylight saving coming to WA in 2019. Guardian Express. 2018-04-01. 
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