[tz] Western Australia time zone January 1, 2019

Steffen Thorsen thorsen at timeanddate.com
Sun Apr 1 18:32:04 UTC 2018

It is an April Fools Joke, the article ends with "Today’s date is April 1."

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On 01/04/2018 18:45 , Paul Eggert wrote:
> Today the Guardian Express of Perth reported that the government of 
> Western Australia has decided to advance the clocks permanently from 
> +0800 to +0900 on January 1, 2019. Presumably the time will still be 
> called Australian Western Standard Time (AWST), as it will still 
> differ by 30 minutes from ACST (+0930). For now, I suppose we should 
> guess that Australia/Eucla will simultaneously switch from +0845 to 
> +0915 so as to stay halfway between AWST and ACST.
> Daylight saving coming to WA in 2019. Guardian Express. 2018-04-01. 
> https://www.communitynews.com.au/guardian-express/news/exclusive-daylight-savings-coming-wa-summer-2018/

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