[tz] Giuntella & Mazzonna on health and economic costs of DST

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Paul Eggert wrote in <9254c4c2-3e57-fd46-0a11-6c7b72d41e08 at cs.ucla.edu>:
 |A recently-published report by researchers from Pitt and USI found \
 |that daylight 
 |saving time reduces sleep duration by an average of 19 minutes in the \
 |US, and 
 |that this harms people's health and workers' wages. The researchers \
 |used CDC and 
 |US Census data to compare behavior on the western and eastern sides \
 |of time zone 
 |boundaries, and reported that individuals using daylight-saving time \
 |are 11% 
 |more likely to be overweight and 5.6% more likely to be obese. On average \
 |wages are 3% lower. Effects are strongest on those with early work \

I for one think of such as pure brainfuck, like students dropping
acid on living mice and are, well - what?, when observing "intense
licking" of this poor souls which know they are dying in this
desert place, without being able to do just about anything against
it.  May they own the heaven they deserve.
(Not meaning the students here.)

11 percent overweight, 6 percent obese.  Man, women and all the
other ones, too, they should take a paternal leave, sleep three
hours a day and wake up ten times a night at irregular intervals.
Then have a tea ceremony, and roast their coffee not their half
pounder within its sugered bun before drinking it, instead of
using a tablet.  Tabloid, sorry.

Please let me thus quote the famous words which had been spoken:
"i am not convinced".

 |The researchers give the following bounds for the US annual economic \
 |costs of 
 |these effects: $2.35 billion ($82 per capita) for increased healthcare \
 |and $612 million ($23 per capita) for worker productivity losses. These \
 |lower bounds: actual costs are most likely higher. Costs are in 2017 \
 |Giuntella G, Mazzonna F. Sunset time and the economic effects of social \
 |evidence from US time zone borders. J Health Econ. 2019. 
 |https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhealeco.2019.03.007 (draft: 
 |A summary can be found in:
 |Ingraham C. How living on the wrong side of a time zone can be hazardous \
 |to your 
 |health. Washington Post. 2019-04-19 06:00 -04. 

I blindly assume they had to sit five hours in their Tesla while
crawling through an american mega city evening rush hour.
Wonder whether that has been accounted for.

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