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Michael Douglass mikeadouglass at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 16:56:34 UTC 2019

Some legal issues and validation and verification maybe?

On 2/11/19 11:49, Steve Allen wrote:
> On Tue 2019-02-05T14:52:41-0800 Kim Davies hath writ:
>> In short, ISO is a forum for standards development and unlikely to play
>> any operational role in maintaining any speculated registry. This is
>> perhaps akin to the split of responsibilities between the IETF and IANA.
> For comparison with the IANA tz data, the IATA has a database of time
> zones as an appendix to a document called SSIM.  That consists of
> records of 390 ASCII characters in columns at a cost of $1329.00 USD
> https://www.iata.org/publications/store/Documents/Passenger%20Standards/specifications-utc-app-f.pdf
> SSIM is structured as the offsets currently in effect; history is not
> included.  It is unclear to me why an airline would subscribe to this
> information rather than rely on IANA tz.
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